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Car A/C Repair

Don’t suffer through another hot summer with a broken a/c. Our trusted mechanics will repair your air conditioner using the most modern, advanced tools in Orange County, NY. Your car a/c needs the same love and care as the rest of your vehicle, even through the colder months. Ignoring it for too long can lead to major problems down the road, regular a/c maintenance can reduce the chances of damage that will require major auto repairs.

Usted no tiene que surfrir todo el verano con un Aire Acondicionado que no trabaja. Tenemos una moderna maquinaria especializada en A/C que es lo ultimo de tecnologia en el area. El A/C sera el aire que respirara y tiene que trabajar de manera adecuada y limpio de quimicos hasta en los meses mas frios. Si usted lo ignora y espera hasta el verano para arreglarlo puede causar danos que requiririan reparaciones mas costosas.

Common Car A/C Problem

No cold air

Since most vehicle’s a/c is located under the hood with the engine, sometimes you have to give it a minute to cool when the car first starts. However, another common cause of no cold air coming out of your car’s a/c is low refrigerant. Our experienced mechanics will find and fix any car a/c problems and have yours blowing out cold air in no time.

Air Smells

Nasty odors and smells coming from your vehicle’s a/c is most likely due to bacteria. We at Pepe’s Auto Repair are equipped with all the proper tools to clean out your car a/c and have it smelling like new again.

Makes Noise

A noisy car a/c can mean many different things, from easy fixes, to major repairs. One of the more common causes of a noises car a/c is that the compressor could be on its way out. Luckily, our expert mechanics are trained to handle all situations with the highest degree of quality and care.

Quality Guarantee

We value our customers at Pepe's Auto Repair which is why we strive to provide the highest quality auto care and a/c repair in Middletown, NY. Our trusted mechanics are experienced with all vehicle make and models and use only high quality auto parts. Bring your vehicle in today and see why Pepe's is number one in customer service.