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NYS Safety & Emissions Inspection

Don’t get a ticket because your forgot to get your car inspected! It is all too easy to forget about your NYS inspection but it can be a costly mistake. Get your vehicle inspected at the same place you trust for car service and auto repair. At Pepe’s Auto Repair, we offer NYS inspection services by honest, qualified mechanics with a quick turnaround time.

No espere hasta el ultimo minuto o hasta que le den un ticket para que su auto este inspeccionado! Sabemos que es facil olvidarse de las inspecciones pero hagalo a tiempo para que tenga la tranquilidad que nadie le va a dar un ticket. Confienos sus inspecciones como nos confia sus reparaciones. Aqui en Pepe’s Auto Repair le ofrecemos ser honestos con los servicios que necesita su auto y lo trataremos de hacer lo mas pronto posible para que tenga tranquilidad .

Why Do I Need a Vehicle Inspection?

New York State requires every vehicle owner registered in New York State to undergo a safety and emissions inspection. The safety and emissions inspection must be done at a NY DMV certified auto repair shop every year. During the safety inspection, our certified mechanics will check your vehicle’s seat belts, horn, mirrors, brakes, lights, windshield, tires, steering, chassis, suspension, and front end. If you vehicle undergoes regular auto care and maintenance, it should have no problem passing the NYS safety and emissions inspection. If any problem does arise that prohibits your vehicle from passing inspection, any of our experienced mechanics are well qualified to offer proper car service and repair.

Quality Guarantee

Pepe's Auto Repair is DMV certified to perform NYS safety and emissions inspections. What sets us apart from other auto repair shops in Orange County, NY is our dedication to customer service. We offer reliable, trustworthy auto care and have the reputation to back it up.