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Auto Care & Maintenance

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Preventative maintenance can protect your vehicle from major repairs and prolong it’s life. One of the reasons auto repair can get so expensive is because people tend to waiting until something is broken to get it fixed. Regular preventative maintenance can keep your vehicle going further and lasting longer without unnecessary costly repairs that could have been avoided. Our qualified mechanics are experienced with all major vehicle makes and models, and adhere to specific, brand-certified maintenance schedules. Bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop and we will inspect for any potential problems before performing necessary maintenance to prevent major repairs in the future.

No espere hasta que sea muy tarde! Hacer mantenimiento de rutina puede protejer su auto de reparaciones costosas y hasta puede extender la vida de su vehiculo. Nosotros sabemos que una de las razones por las que reparaciones de autos pueden ser tan costosas es por no hacer el matenimiento en el momento adecuado. Si usted espera a que su mantenimiento se convierta en reparacion puede danar otros componentes de su carro. Extienda la vida de su auto y ahorrese dinero haciendo el mantenimiento de rutina. Nuestros tecnicos tienen conocimiento en la gran mayoria de marcas y saben los tipicos problemas de cada modelo de auto. Traiga su vehiculo con nosotros en un dia libre y le haremos el diagnostico que su vehiculo necesita para seguir operativo.

How Often do I Need Car Maintenance?

While auto maintenance is critical for a healthy, long-lasting vehicle, how often you bring your vehicle in for car service is different for everyone. The first thing a vehicle owner should do is check the owner’s manual, this is a treasure trove for maintenance and car service information specific to your vehicle’s make and model. Other considerations to think about include how often you use your vehicle, what you use it for (farming, commuting, leisure, etc.), and the vehicle’s mileage among other things. Bring your vehicle into Pepe’s Auto Repair and our experienced mechanics will help you understand your particular vehicle’s maintenance requirements.

Quality Guarantee

Our customer service and reputation are very important to us here at Pepe's Auto Repair. Our qualified mechanics will inspect your vehicle for any necessary maintenance and then perform only what is absolutely necessary. This is why we are one of the top rated auto repair shops in Middletown, NY.